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MWM Gas Engines for Cogeneration Power (CHP) Plants in Russia


Local MWM News

Mannheim | 21.08.2019

MWM Distributor Electrosystems: Newly Manufactured 1,5 MW CHP Container as a Turnkey Solution for Russian Customers

MWM distributor "Electrosystems" Technical Holding in Russia has invited MWM to their workshop facility in order to inspect three of the recently manufactured 1,5 MW CHP containers.

Mannheim | 24.05.2019

Commissioning of 18 MW Modular-Power-Plant with TCG 2032B gas engines by MKS Group of Companies

In May 2019 the MWM distributor MKS Group of Companies has achieved a new milestone in the sector of the distributed energy supply within the Russian Federation by setting the first fully locally produced 4,5MW Modular-Power-Plant, based on the MWM TCG 2032B V16 genset, into operation.

Global MWM News

Mannheim | 22.07.2020

24/7 Energy Security through Modular Power Plant with MWM TCG 2020 V20 Gas Engine in Russia's Largest Natural Stone Production and Processing Facilities

MWM distributor MKS Group of Companies has commissioned a highly efficient energy center in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The modular power plant is equipped with an MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine and ensures uninterrupted energy supply for sensitive natural stone production and processing workflows. Additionally, the efficient, distributed energy generation concept enables the industrial enterprise to save two thirds of its previous energy costs.

Mannheim | 30.06.2020

Customer Satisfaction Survey of MWM Service Reveals High Level of Satisfaction, Especially in the Fields of Competence, Efficiency, and Reliability

A customer satisfaction survey conducted by MWM Service from April 2019 to February 2020 has delivered positive results and a satisfaction index of 98 percent. In total, more than 800 responses have been received from MWM customers in Europe concerning their experiences with MWM maintenance activities and MWM Service in general.

Mannheim | 16.06.2020

Maximum Energy Efficiency in Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant: Innovative Cogeneration Power Plant in Sverdlovsk, Ural, with Four MWM TCG 2032B Gas Engines

Last year, a new cogeneration power plant was opened for the Nadezhda smelting plant of UMMC-Steel Corp. in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russian Federation. The new cogeneration plant is one of the most technologically advanced and energy-efficient power plants in the Ural Mountains. Powered by four MWM TCG 2032B V16 gas engines, the cogeneration power plant ensures reliable energy generation and emergency power supply for increased profitability and eco-friendliness of the company.