Distributed power generation

with associated petroleum gas

Using APG as fuel for power plants on drilling rigs. MWM cogeneration plants with gas engines offer energy solutions.

Associated petroleum gas: Using energy from a by-product for highest efficiency

Associated petroleum gas (APG) is a natural gas that accrues at extraction of petroleum. It is possible to extract up to 800m3 associated petroleum gas out of the coal beds at one ton of petroleum. The knocking resistance, which is crucial for the combustion, varies between a methane number of 25 and 95.

Associated petroleum gas is another gas type that can be used with MWM gensets. This gas is a by-product obtained during the extraction of crude oil. It has a high content of liquid hydrocarbon and is therefore subject to extreme fluctuations in the combustion behavior. MWM offers solutions for the optimum processing and safe use of this gas, which would otherwise be flared unused.

Shale gas is another gas similar to natural gas whose use does not pose any additional challenges.

Selected references for APG fueled power plants

FG Wilson Bechtel, Miskar, Tunisia

The FG Wilson rig hosts two TBG 620 V20 units and a later installed TCG 2020 V20 unit (isolated operation) that cover the rig's energy needs. The three gensets have a combined electrical output of 3.5 MWel.

Power Plant Chevron – Helder, North Sea

The Helder oil drilling rig gets its power from two TBG 620 V16 units plus a new TCG 2020 V20. Together, the gensets generate an output of 4.65 MWel. The generated heat is used for heating and providing hot water on the rig.

Photo: © corlaffra / fotolia

Gas engines & Products

Cogeneration Power Plant Solutions

Eco-friendly MWM cogeneration power plants with combined heat and power enable decentralized, economical and energy-efficient power production.

Gas Engines / Gensets

400 - 10,300 kWel

Output range from 400 kWel to 10,300 kWel. Run with natural gas, biogas, shale gas, mine gas and other gases.


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