Wasserstoffhaltige Gase

Decentral energy supply

with gas containing hydrogen

MWM gas engines can be configured to different gases containing hydrogen as fuel in cogeneration plants.

Gases containing hydrogen include coking gas, coal mine gas, and gases from the gasification of biomass.

These gases have a fluctuating hydrogen content and a relatively low methane (CH4) content. Depending on the gas composition, different MWM engine configurations are needed to ensure optimum output and efficiency. The hydrogen content involves a high spontaneous ignition potential. Therefore, special security facilities are necessary in order to ensure safe operation.

Please find further information about the different gas types:

Selected references for coal mine gas fueled CHP plants

Coal Mine Xishan, Shanxi, China

n 2008, MWM equipped the state coal mine in Taiyuan with a total of three TCG 2020 V20 gensets. The plant uses the coal mine gas for the generation of power.

Italiana Coke, Italia

Every year, the leading Italian coking plant Italiana Coke SPA produces about 500,000 tons of coke. Due to the fine experience made with MWM gensets, four old engines were replaced with four new TCG 2032 V16 units.

Pniówek, Poland

Jastrzębie S.A. has been operating a trigeneration plant with three mine gas-fueled engines since 1999. This reference project of SFW Energia, Gliwice, is unique in that the mine gas is used to cover the own power needs and for the underground air-conditi

Selected references for biogas plants and biogas fueled cogeneration plants

Anderlingen-Ohrel, Germany

A container-hosted TCG 2016 V08C generates 3,200 MWh of power and 2,552 MWh of heat a year, which are used for the biogas plant.

Biogas Plant Géotexia, France

The biogas plant in the Bretagne, France uses pork manure and industrial fats to produce around 700m³ of biogas per hour. The biogas is used in 2 containerized TCG 2016 V16 C.

CHP Plant, Kletkamp Farm, Germany

Nawaro Kletkamp GmbH & Co. KG uses a biogas CHP plant. Every day, about 20 tons of corn silage are used as input substance.

Gas engines & Products

Cogeneration Power Plant Solutions

Eco-friendly MWM cogeneration power plants with combined heat and power enable decentralized, economical and energy-efficient power production.

Gas Engines / Gensets

400 - 10,300 kWel

Output range from 400 kWel to 10,300 kWel. Run with natural gas, biogas, shale gas, mine gas and other gases.


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