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Mannheim, August 5, 2014

The MWM film "60 MW Around the World" received over one million clicks.

It's one thing to have a good idea. It's another to achieve success with it. What no one could have imagined during the production of the MWM film "60 MW Around the World" was the extraordinary success of this documentary video which was shot to accompany the production and delivery of 15 gas-powered MWM TCG 2032 V16 gensets.

The gas engines for power generation were produced at the Mannheim plant within three months and were then sent on a journey from Germany to Precision Energy in Bangladesh. The electricity produced at the site of deployment will be completely fed into the public grid.

The MWM TCG 2032 V16 gas engines used in the cogeneration system produce a constant total output of 60 MWel and are renowned for their superb reliability and low maintenance costs. The units (gensets) are designed to be powered by natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, wastewater digester gas, coal mine gas or coke oven gas. There are already more than 600 gas engines of the same type with some 2,200,000 kWel installed worldwide.

The film has received 1,145,000 clicks on YouTube, thus underscoring its popularity. Overall, YouTube had more than one trillion site visits last year. That is 140 times the world's population.

Silver medal at the Intermedia Globe Awards

There must be a special attraction to the video, which can be found on YouTube and other online platforms and even won the silver medal at the 2010 Intermedia Globe Awards. Compared to other corporate and product films on the web, the click rate is extremely high. The MWM brand is represented with several videos on the channel and introduces various topics on all aspects of its highly efficient and eco-friendly CHP systems (CHP: combined heat and power).

Intermedia Globe Awards silver medal, won at the 2010 World Media Festival.

Still as shiny as ever: the Intermedia Globe Awards silver medal, won at the 2010 World Media Festival.

The question as to who is behind the one million visitors will probably remain a mystery forever. But why not check it out yourself and discover the world of MWM. Perhaps you'll be just as thrilled as the one million visitors preceding you.

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