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Mannheim, November 24, 2014

Werder Biomethane Cogeneration Power Plant with MWM Gas Engines Receives "Cogeneration Power Plant of the Month 09/2014" award.

In mid March 2014, the Potsdam company e.distherm Wärmedienstleistungen GmbH, a subsidiary of the power grid operator E.DIS AG located in Fürstenwalde, celebrated the expansion of the Werder (Havel) cogeneration plant. After the 2002 installation of two MWM TCG 2016 V08C gas engines, with 780 kW of electrical and 1,000 kW of thermal output each, an expansion was completed at the end of 2013 on a biomethane-operated CHP plant with one MWM TCG 2016 V08C gas engine providing 400 kW of electrical and 420 kW of thermal output.

Erweiterung mit MWM Gasmotoren für Biomethangas

The gas engines commissioned in 2002, together with three hot-water gas boilers, replaced the 15 t/h boiler in the original boiler house that ran on heavy heating oil. The maximum base load of the cogeneration plant was around 7,500 full load hours per year, but reached its limits in the year 2013 due to the construction of a thermal bath. As a result, e.distherm decided to expand the power plant.

Biomethane CHP plant decorated with the shoreline scenery of the Havel river

Biomethane CHP plant decorated with the shoreline scenery of the Havel river. Source: e.distherm

Based on the use of renewable natural gas (biomethane), the primary energy factor of district heating is at around 0.5 – plus a total of 3,000 t/a CO2 emissions are saved thanks to the CHP plant. With a 90°C flow temperature and a 70°C return temperature, the CHP plant also achieves an overall efficiency of 87.5% and features an attractive design. In fact, the double concrete container that houses the new biomethane CHP plant is decorated with a painting of the shoreline scenery of the island of Werder (Havel) during the annual tree blossom festival. This ensures optimum noise prevention of the system towards the outside, and it is also a great eye catcher.

Cogeneration power plant of the month of September

For these accomplishments, the Werder (Havel) cogeneration power plant received the best-of-class award for the month of September 2014 from the German trade journal “Energie und Management” (Energy and Management).


Article from the trade journal “Energie & Management" featuring additional information about the award:

Cogeneration power plant of the month of October 2014 (PDF), Energie & Management, edition September 15, 2014 (in German language)

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