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MWM Launches Own Facebook Brand Channel and LinkedIn Page for More Customer Dialog and Exciting Stories and News about MWM Gas Engines, Services, Cogeneration Power Plants, and Gas Applications

Mannheim, September 10, 2020 

MWM is set to further expand and digitize its service offering. From September, MWM is present in the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn with its own brand channels. The channels focus on the subjects of digitization, MWM service offerings, distributed power generation, and sustainable, cost-efficient energy generation, featuring reports on technical use cases. By way of these online platforms, employees, customers, and others can engage in interchange and get information about MWM products and offerings. The Facebook channel is available in English "MWM.Gas.Engines" and in German "MWM.Gasmotoren". The LinkedIn channel, too, is available in English "MWM Gas Engines" and in German "MWM Gasmotoren".

The Latest Industry News, Technical Reports and Personal Stories

MWM's brand channel on Facebook presents information, news, and interesting facts about MWM gas engines, cogeneration power plants, and the MWM Service. Apart from professional texts and industry news, the channel also features personal stories and experiences of MWM employees. Against the backdrop of the anniversary year 2021 and the celebration of the company's history of 150 years, exciting stories and background information will also be shared on the platform. 

By way of MWM's LinkedIn page, users can network with the MWM brand and get updates on current offers and new products. 

MWM Facebook community

MWM Facebook community

To join the MWM Facebook community, go to:

For the MWM LinkedIn brand channel, go to:

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We are looking forward to your feedback and comments on our MWM solutions, stories, and products!

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