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Relaunch of the Russian MWM Website

Mannheim, December 16, 2015
Following the relaunch of the German and English-language MWM website, the local Russian website has become the first of several independent country sites to go online with an innovative design. Though all country websites intentionally have a similar fundamental structure, there are some differences with regard to the content and design.

New Elements of the Russian Website

For example, the colors of Russia's national flag have been incorporated in the existing design in an unobtrusive manner. Moreover, the contents in Cyrillic script have been made more user-friendly, and new contents and multimedia elements have been added. For instance, the new website explains how MWM got started in the Russian energy business and how its 140+ years of experience in the development and production of gas engines and gensets for natural gas, mine gas, and other special gas types contribute to the company's good reputation throughout Russia.

Russian MWM Website homepage

Russian MWM Website homepage  © sborisov / fotolia

Optimum Usability for Website Users

The website focuses on target group-specific information on the subjects of gas engines, combined heat and power plants, and gas applications. For this reason, a functional and appealing design, a clear page structure, and the due positioning and presentation of the MWM product portfolio were central elements of the redesign process. The local website's modern, fresh page layout and clearly structured contents deliver optimum usability and enable intuitive use. The MWM products and services represent the hub of the website, and the website structure and the implementation of various social media channels enable users to contact the sales team directly.

The website offers special contents custom-tailored to the Russian market, such as local events and web news as well as special gas applications such as district heat, which plays a key role in Russia. Apart from comprehensive information on the gas applications and combined heat and power plants, application examples from the portfolio are demonstrated on the basis of reference cases. The download center and an overview of contacts are also easy to access. Our relaunched website highlights our core competence: decentralized energy supply.

The new website in Russian is responsive and can thus be accessed from various devices, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. "To approach customers in their native language is a service with which we endeavor to eliminate barriers", explains Frank Fuhrmann, Manager Communications. For this reason, Russian is listed as an additional choice in the language menu of our global website More local websites will follow soon.

More information on the new website is available at:

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